Our Story



Hello my friends! I can thank the Clarence and Western New York community enough for the love and patronage over these last 10 years. As I am able to sit and reflect over the last decade of business I see how far we have come, its truly flys by! As for myself personally I look back at the 22 year old kid who thought he had it all figured out-how much I have learned and grown! This little coffeeshop has been an instrustmental part of my life: from meeting my wife Rachel here to now three kids later to meeting all the people who have come in and out of our doors-whether a member of the community or a member of our wonderful staff these relationships I truly cherish. As much as I am grateful for these lessons and memories I look forward with great hope toward the future, I hope we see eachother along the way!

All the best,


More About The Company

For more than 10 years, Goodrich Coffee, has been making a difference—in our brews and in our world. Our locally owned and family operated business buys the finest quality beans directly from conscientious coffee co-ops and farms all over the world. We strive to bring you the highest-grade blends, including organic and fair trade options, from ethical sources that assure fairness and value for everyone involved.

After we procure our beans, our in-house roast master carefully prepares them for you in small batches—allowing us to control the consistency and provide you with the freshest, most flavorful brew. It’s a commitment to quality that you’ll taste in every sip of Goodrich Coffee, and you’ll see in the extraordinary way we service our customers

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